CMPS’s Marks of Distinction 2020 is proud to feature 104 accepted works from wonderful pastelists from around the globe. There were 437 entries from 132 artists. Based on points assigned by the selection jurors, Lyn Asselta and Michael Freeman, only two artists have the distinct honor of having 2 pieces juried in; Jacqueline Myerson and Carol Peebles.

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Thank you for the privilege to view and judge this wonderful exhibition in the extraordinary medium of pastel. Present is so much variety in subject matter, use of technique and artistic insight. My hat goes off in thanks to each and every artist who has work in this exciting exhibition. Inspiration and beauty most certainly abound here!

—Robert K. Carsten, psa

Best of Show

Laurinda O’Connor
Along the Path

Judges Comments

This painting has it all — a stunning display of expressive markmaking combined with great composition, use of color , strong value contrast and enchanting atmospheric perspective. With its combination of energy and peacefulness, I feel I could never tire of looking at, and admiring, this painting.

Second Place

Elena Prudnikova, Hobby

Judges Comments

An oblique overhead viewpoint, interesting distribution of shapes and contrast in markmaking, distinguish this painting. The placement of the dark above and the rhyming curve of the cord and plug with the angle of the model’s head is but one of the many well-planned ideas in this composition.

Third Place

Peter Seltzer, Threads

Judges Comments

This painting is intriguing — it’s mysterious, decorative, colorful and exquisitely composed and painted. The artist adeptly describes textures and surfaces and uses color relationships and line to move the eye around the composition. Masterful work throughout!